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OU Football: Carson Meier (Union HS grad) will know his first step toward NFL team at this time next week, either through draft or free agency.

"I always thought I had it in me to go for the NFL. It’s been my dream since I was a little kid"



He is risen!! And because He lives, we have HOPE. ❤️❤️❤️ #HappyEaster #ResurrectionSunday

“For God has proved his love by giving us his greatest treasure, the gift of his Son. And since God freely offered him up as the sacrifice for us all, he certainly won’t withhold from us anything else he has to give.”
Romans 8:32 TPT https://t.co/voW2iZW38j

It’s #HusbandAppreciationDay - which should seriously be celebrated every day! So thankful for this amazing human. ❤️

April 19 will always be significant to those of us who love Oklahoma City....the day evil tried to destroy our city, but we responded by loving, giving and serving. Just like we always do. #OklahomaStandard #WeRemember


In the middle of NFL Draft prep today, I took a meeting with a new non-sports client who has a vision for equipping ministries around the world. SO glad I still get to work with nonprofits on a daily basis. It will always be part of my “calling.” #thankful

They don’t remember the ones who quit when things got difficult. They remember the ones who persevered and held on through the storm to arrive safely on the other side.

The 2019 KMM NFL Draft Class continues to exceed my high expectations. They have handled every workout, interview and visit like true professionals. We are BEYOND ready for next week! #NFLDraft2019

Football is coming.

NFL teams get creative with 2019 #NFLScheduleRelease: https://t.co/xNcJDvzG4N

Processing the full @NFL schedule...cannot WAIT to get on the road and see the #KMMfamily this season! ✈️🏈🙌🏻

Loved it! And looking forward to having you speak to MY class next fall!

72 years ago today, Jackie Robinson breaks the MLB color barrier when he steps on Ebbets Field for the Brooklyn Dodgers ✊

5 ways to improve your mental health:
1. Exercise, it boosts mood and serotonin.
2. Eat wild salmon. Research salmon, depression and you’ll see how fish oil helps.
3. Take a daily thank you walk. Practice gratitude.
4. Pray, meditate.
5. Help others-Mother Teresa effect.

Just this morning in Sports Law class we discussed the Leach vs TTU case and I said “There’s nobody like Mike Leach.” Then I check Twitter...

There’s nobody like Mike Leach. 🤣

So proud of my friend and @salltokc classmate! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Secure your spot for the Daniel Summit today at https://t.co/howanhGY0a

#SportsBiz #thedanielsummit

What a tournament! Incredible. Congratulations to both teams and to the new National Champions @UVAMensHoops #MarchMadness #OneShiningMoment

Proud of you @AjaLEvans !! #KMMfam https://t.co/xVdLrxgk5V

What a weekend! Thank you @tboonepickens for having us out to your Mesa Vista ranch this weekend but more importantly thank you for what you do for @okstateu and @osuathletics !!


What an honor to participate in this year’s @ATF_Tribe Triumph Awards. If you don’t know @davidvobora and his work with ATF, you’ve got to check it out! #NoExcuses

Congratulations to @Trey_Zero and his beautiful bride, Regin! Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding! #KMMfamily


So proud of my city and honored to be part of such a profoundly impactful event. Eleven presenters and 400 fired up attendees - can’t wait for the rest of the world to see it online next month! @tedxokc @TowerTheatreOKC @TEDx

“What decision are you going to make today to step into your destiny tomorrow?” Kelli Masters

Attention prayer warriors and anyone associated with the @mets and @dallascowboys — Please read and pray for this guy.


Her name was Samantha Josephson. Her family wants us to remember her name. Before you get in an Uber ask “what’s my name?” And remember hers.


Happy Birthday @PatrickVahe !! It’s going to be an amazing year! #KMMfam

Beyond ready to give my @TEDx talk this Friday... #hope #courage #purpose https://t.co/E3l0zSHMgn

Tune in NOW to @SiriusXMNFL Ch. 88 to hear @_dreamjg with @Gil_Brandt ! #KMMfam #NFLDraft2019

Over the years I have carefully avoided anything that could be perceived as political or controversial. But as a champion of women and of my deeply-held faith, I can no longer stay silent on this issue. EVERYONE needs to see this. https://t.co/rE7EKqLZ80. https://t.co/LpQhK4Firc

Proud to have known Smacker for YEARS! Excited to see you shine, @smackermiles ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

So incredibly proud of the KMM 2019 NFL Draft class! Crushing their workouts, meetings and visits. Trusting the process. Cannot wait for the Draft to get here!!

Just a few hours left to sign up for Inside Sports Law & Business for 50% off!! Interested in a career in sports? Want to grow your network? Sign up and join us starting May 8! https://t.co/14drJFDBEW

Application submitted! Our first “KMM Sports Youth Football Camp” is happening THIS SUMMER in OKC!! So excited. Details coming soon. 😃😃

Prepping for a HUGE WEEK for KMM. Pre-draft visits, private workouts, my TedX Talk, a Gala and a WEDDING!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉🎉

Today at @OCULAW an assistant dean asked “What year are you?” I smiled and said “I’m not a student - I graduated 20 years ago. I’m an adjunct professor now.” And suddenly, I wondered how in the WORLD I could be that old. 20 years??? 😭 (But soooo thankful. 🙌🏻) #Classof99

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Imagine that instead of being born where you were you had been born in a village with limited access to safe drinking water and nutrient food. How different would your life be? EVERYONE CAN BE A WORLD CHAMPION. find out how to get involved @TheBigPygmy https://t.co/Y4dDpzn9iB

At @MeanGreenFB pro day yesterday, WR Jalen Guyton (6007, 212) really looked good in his workout, caught the ball well and tested off the charts. Looks like he could get drafted late.

4.35 40
37.5 VJ
10-5 BJ
4.09 ss
6.90 3-cone
13 bench

There’s still time to sign up for the Inside Sports Law & Business course online and save 50%!! Learn, grow your network & have a chance to win a full NFL Game Day Experience. Sign up by MARCH 31st. https://t.co/14drJFDBEW

Supplementing Sprts Mgmt Edu @Georgetown ➡️ Learning Sports Law & Business from trailblazer
Kelli Masters- a Pioneer in the industry! Sports Agent & Attorney, @KMMsports . #NFLPA #NFLagent #bossbabe #WomensHistoryMonth #sportslaw https://t.co/DGEQFCWGwG

He did it! Such a great NFL Pro Day for Jalen Guyton @_dreamjg at North Texas. 4.37 40! Handled every drill and every interview question like a true professional. So proud! #KMMfamily #MeanGreen #NFLDraft2019


Last NFL Pro Day of 2019 for the #KMMfamily. Let’s do this @_dreamjg !! #NorthTexas #MeanGreen


Praying for him!! @_dreamjg you’ve worked so hard for this!! GO GET IT ALL tomorrow!! We love and we’re SO proud! I can’t wait to watch you shine. 🙏🏼❤️🏈

Huge Pro Day for @PatrickVahe ! So proud of you! #KMMfamily #Longhorns #NFLDraft2019

Hello Austin! @TexasFootball Pro Day tomorrow...🏈🏈🏈

BREAKING: NFL owners approve rule to make pass interference, including non-calls, reviewable for the 2019 season: https://t.co/y4sq7U9DzC

And a great day for Texas A&M kicker, Daniel LaCamera! #Aggies #ProDay #NFLDraft2019 #KMMfamily

Outstanding Pro Day at Texas A&M for @keatonsuds !! All the hard work & dedication is paying off. #KMMfamily #Aggies #NFLDraft2019

So incredibly proud of @TheBigPygmy and all he his doing to fight FOR PEOPLE, both in the US and around the world. The KMM Family is praying for you, Justin, as you head to Uganda tomorrow! 🙏🏻 @BellatorMMA

.@Tress_Way, @Redskins punter, talks about the challenges and joys of being a father and husband while playing in the NFL

"I strive to be the man and father God’s called me to be."


One more week of NFL Pro Days ahead for the #KMMfamily - so proud and excited. Let’s gooooo! #NFLDraft2019


Vividly recall walking out of the Green Room at Radio City Music Hall in 2010 with my client, who had already been drafted. We waived to the Gronkowski family, sitting at a table at the back, still waiting for “the call” but smiling & laughing & loving life. What a career, Gronk!

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Had a blast teaching Sports Law class today. In addition to an impassioned discussion of our assigned topic of the day (amateur athletics), we also talked about: Trout’s contract, the NCAA “student-athlete” video, the Kaepernick/Reid settlement & the NFLPA. Never a dull moment!!

Crazy, challenging time for the KMM Family! Pro Days and preparations for the 2019 season are in full swing. Praying for wisdom, strength, protection, discernment & favor. May we always be ready to serve others & fulfill our God-given purpose with excellence!

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